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Tractor Auto Steer Precision Guidance
Set Up your Own RTK Base
Drones, Airplanes, Satellite
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Smart Finance

Precision Agriculture

Geo Apsis is democratising Precision Farming by offering technology solutions which are Integrated, Easy to Implement, yet VERY affordable!
Surveying and mapping services

Democratising #3

We can Survey/Measure/GIS your fences, assets etc

Geo Apsis provides Surveying & Mapping services - economically. We can survey your fences, water tanks, dams, any assets and assist you with your own Farm GIS if required.

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Establish own RTK base on farm

Democratising #2

Establish your OWN RTK Base

Work together with Geo Apsis to assist you establish your own RTK Base and CORS network. Base established to the mm! Your own RTK GNSS Base with UHF transmission. Highest accuracy & precision. No need to rely on anyone else! No more annual subscriptions!

CHCNAV P330 pro drone

Democratising #4

Drones, Planes, Satellite

NDVI & mapping data from Drones, manned Aeroplanes and/or Satellite data to help monitor & manage farms. Geo Apsis provides the systems, hardware and can assist with data processing (overnight via cloud).

training and workshops

Democratising #5

Training & Workshops

Geo Apsis provides unique, targeted Workshops on Precision Agriculture with Industry and Technology experts. Learn practical applications and how to wisely choose technologies for Precision Agriculture ROI.

Procuret smart finance

Democratising #6

Smart Finance

Contact us at Geo Apsis to provide smart finance options via Procuret to benefit you with:

Cash Flow solutions

Transparent & Affordable

Tax efficient

establish your own permanent rtk base

establish & run your own farm RTK base

Geo Apsis can help you

Own RTK base for farm

Advantages of Own farm RTK Base

Setup your own RTK Base

  • We help establish your own RTK Base point to the mm!

  • Suitable RTK Base Antenna

  • Suitable RTK CORS hardware

  • Assist with optimum RTK Tower location

  • Your own Reliable, Permanent RTK Base; 24/7/365.2425

auto steer many tractors

Advantages of Own farm RTK Base

Connect & Guide All your Tractors

  • Precision guidance from your own RTK Base

  • Add/Swap tractors easily

  • Higher accuracy & precision

  • Precision repeatability every month, every season, every year!

Survey and map GIS assets

Advantages of Own farm RTK Base

Accurately Measure your own GIS assets

  • Use CHCNAV i83 or i73¬†to easily, quickly measure assets on the farm

  • Paired to your own RTK CORS

  • Add to your Farm GIS map

  • Higher accuracy & precision