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NX510 Tractor Auto Steer

CHCNAV NX510 Precision Guidance AUTO-Steering

  1. Electronically Controlled Steering Wheel
  2. Navigation touch-screen Computer
  3. Integrated Satellite Antennae with IMU
  4. IMU (Inertial Motion Unit)
  5. Attitude Sensor for terrain compensation on slopes
  6. Easy to Retro-fit & Integrate
  7. We survey & map a couple of your fences etc.
CHCNAV NX510 SE tractor auto steer system

CHCNAV Agriculture Precision Guidance & Electric Auto Steering System

  • With the integrated antenna system, the CHCNAV NX510 enables high-precision GNSS satellite positioning and orientation integrated with the auto-steering of the electric steering wheel. This autonomous navigation controls the vehicle position and heading, ensuring the vehicle travels along the planned path and route to a precision control error of <2.5cm!
  • The CHCNAV auto precision guidance yields benefits of operation accuracy, precise repeatability (days, seasons, years), uniform row spacing, uniform planting, reduces driver fatigue, improves work efficiency and land use efficiency (ROI).
  • The NX510 is easily installed and integrated to a large range of tractors and agricultural machinery
  • The CHCNAV NX510 is available in 2 variants:
  • NX510 SE (4G sim/UHF GNSS)
  • NX510 Pro (L-Band and Trimble CentrePoint RTX service)
  • Geo Apsis is a Distributor/Integrator/Support for the CHCNAV system in the ANZ region.
  • If required, Geo Apsis can help you establish your own GNSS Base Station for all your area, machinery and equipment - with Integration, Service and Price that truly Democratises Precision Agriculture for All.
NX510 CHCNAV Precision Auto Steering & Guidance

CHCNAV NX510 System items

consists of items........
CHCNAV NX510 electric steering wheel

NX510 System Item #1

Electric Steering Wheel

  • Large torque motor with high precision steering control

  • Easy & fast Installation

  • Suitable for many vehicles

  • Original vehicle steering oil circuit unchanged

Touch screen Android Controller for tractor auto steering system NX510 SE

NX510 System Item #2

Multi-Function Controller with Intelligent Display

  • 10.1" Capacitive Touch Screen

  • Android OS

  • Vehicle-mounted terminal

  • Visible in bright sunlight

  • Built-in Advanced Control Algorithm

  • More Details

Integrated GNSS-Satellite Positioning Antenna & IMU for CHCNAV NX510 tractor auto steer

NX510 System Item #3

Integrated GNSS-Satellite Positioning Antenna & IMU

  • Integrated Antenna for Location AND Direction

  • Integrated IMU (to accommodate when tractor is not level)

  • Stable reliable GNSS signal reception

  • High Precision and Accuracy

  • Fast satellite searching

  • All weather performance

CHCNAV NX510 Vehicle Attitude Sensor

NX510 System Item #4

Vehicle Attitude Sensor

  • Integrated IMU sensor (Inertial Motion Unit) for the front wheel

  • Easy to Install!

  • No complicated Calibration

  • No tie-rod integration required

  • High accuracy and precision

CHCNAV NX510 rear view camera

NX510 System Item #5

Rear Camera

  • High Definition

  • Large FOV

  • Night Vision

  • View in Controller

  • All weather performance

CHCNAV NX510 AGNAV Android display

CHCNAV AGNAV Intelligent Display & Multi-Function Controller

  • GIS Data Import/Export

    Import your own GIS map data e.g. Fences, field obstacles, weed map, NDVI map, contour cut/fill map etc.

  • NMEA Positioning info transfer

    Satellite positioning data communications and transfer between instruments e.g. tractor position transfer to the sprayer instruments

  • Terrain tilt compensation

    On hillsides and embankments, the tilt of the tractor is precisely compensated to enable accurate positioning

  • Support

    Local Support through Geo Apsis for Installation, Calibration, Maintenance, Operation. Plus on-line support, Web, Chat, Email, Phone

  • U-Turn Auto driving

    Let the NX510 system do the U-Turns for you at the end of each line: automatically, efficiently, accurately

  • ISOBUS Control

    Control other devices and farm instruments from the CHCNAV Intelligent Display

establish your own permanent rtk base

establish & run your own farm RTK base

Geo Apsis can help you

CHCNAV NX510 SE tractor auto steer with iBase AG RTK

Option #1 Own farm RTK Base

Setup your own RTK using iBase-Ag

  • The iBase-Ag is dedicated RTK to your tractor auto-steer

  • Easy Setup iBase-Ag on a tripod

  • Covers 5-km radius range UHF

  • Assist with optimum RTK Tower location

  • Your own Reliable,  RTK Base; No third-party reliance nor fees!


Option #2 Own farm RTK Base

Setup your own fixed RTK Base

  • We help establish your own RTK Base point to the mm!

  • Suitable RTK Base Antenna

  • Suitable RTK CORS hardware

  • Assist with optimum RTK Tower location

  • Your own Reliable, Permanent RTK Base; 24/7/365.2425

Tractor Auto Steer CHCNAV NX510 SE

Advantages of Own farm RTK Base

Connect & Guide All your Tractors

  • Precision guidance from your own RTK Base

  • Add/Swap tractors easily

  • Higher accuracy & precision

  • Precision repeatability every month, every season, every year!


Advantages of Own farm RTK Base

Accurately Survey Measure your own GIS assets

  • Use CHCNAV i83 or i73 to easily, quickly measure assets on the farm

  • Paired to your own RTK CORS

  • Add to your Farm GIS map

  • Higher accuracy & precision


Help Me Choose

CHCNAV iBase RTK or iBase AG RTK ??

iBase RTK

  • Easy to set up on tripod.

  • Can be used as a Base or as a Rover

$$ Good Value

iBase AG RTK

  • Easy to set up on tripod.

  • Can only be used as a Base

$  Much Cheaper than iBase

iBase RTK

  • can pair with non-CHCNAV tractor auto-steer or survey GNSS rovers

$$ Good Value

iBase AG RTK

  • can only pair with CHCNAV tractor auto-steer or CHCNAV survey GNSS rovers

Much Cheaper than iBase

help me choose

We help you Understand & Choose the best solution for your requirements and with options at very economical prices. We give you: Knowledge; Options; Value $.

Geo Apsis: Democratising Precision Farming

Autonomous guidance Tractor Auto Steer CHCNAV NX510 SE with 4G SIM

NX510 SE

I just want auto-steer in autonomous mode

The NX510 SE system can be used in "autonomous guidance mode" just using the GPS and GNSS position satellites - with no local correction base.  Very easy tractor install. No GNSS base station setup required! 1.5 - 3m precision guidance auto-steer. What is "autonomous guidance"? See our FAQ

Tractor Auto Steer CHCNAV NX510 SE 4G Sim with 4G SIM

NX510 SE + 4G sim

I have good 4G cover of my FARM

The NX510 SE system is your perfect solution if your 4G network incorporates a local CORS service . Very easy tractor install, then insert a 4G sim card and connect to a local CORS service. No GNSS base station setup required! 2.5cm repeatable precision guidance auto-steer accuracy. *Local CORS subscription fees may apply

Tractor Auto Steer with iBase Ag RTK

NX510 SE + iBase-Ag

Poor 4G or just Independence - Easy Base set-up!

For farms with poor or no 4G coverage, and therefore no CORS network coverage - or for farmers that simply want Independence from paying annual CORS subscriptions; then the easy and practical solution is the NX510 SE + iBase-Ag GNSS Kit. Set up the iBase-Ag on a tripod, press 1 button to turn on then press 2nd button to link to your tractor - Done! No cables, connectors, external batteries - precision guidance and auto-steer your tractor (2.5cm) over UHF. With 12 hrs internal battery and up to 8km range.

Tractor Auto Steer with local UHF RTK CHCNAV NX510 SE

NX510 SE + UHF

I have access to a local UHF RTK-Base

NX510 SE and add the UHF Radio Antenna (magnetic mount). Connect to your local RTK GNSS Base over UHF and 2.5cm auto-steering precision guidance is yours! Depending upon the power transmission of the RTK-Base, UHF range to tractor may be up to 30km radius. (May require additional Harxon ER2 external radio link module)

Hyraulic Tractor Auto Steer CHCNAV NX510 SR

NX510 SR Hydraulic

Have a tractor with hydraulic steering?

The NX510 SR is the hydraulic compliant auto-steering tractor option. Simplified retrofit now you access to an alternative hydraulic autosteering solution, economically. With built-in 4G and UHF modem, it easily connects to all industry-standard DGPS and GNSS RTK correction services, enabling precise, centimetre-level steering for agricultural vehicles. The CHCNAV terrain compensation technology ensures consistent and accurate performance even in sloping fields

Applied Democracy!!

RTX anywhere RTK with CHCNAV tractor Auto Steer NX510 Pro

NX510 Pro + RTX

I have very large farms in remote areas - Anywhere RTX

Solution: the NX510 Pro version which incorporates L-band capability enables the system to operate reliably with Trimble RTX® satellite correction global service. The guidance controller with full GNSS constellations and RTX™ compatibility provides increased accuracy for optimal navigation reliability, even in locations where no RTK GNSS networks or UHF base stations are available.

RTK own Base for farm


Set up your Own RTK-Base

A CORS 4G or UHF subscription can quickly amount to $2k+/yr; per tractor! With Geo Apsis assistance, set up your OWN RTK GNSS Base. Recoup your investment within the first year (if you have 4+ tractors/machines/GNSS receivers to connect. Cover up to 30 km radius from your RTK Base - for free - forever! Geo Apsis - Democratising Precision Farming

Map and survey your own farm

iBase + i83

Map your own fences, paddocks, water tanks etc

Add the i73 palm-sized powerful GNSS receiver - or the NEW i83 GNSS with smart power management; and you can easily and economically survey and map your own farm features! Both the i73 and the NEW i83 connect easily to either your iBase GNSS, local CORS or your own UHF RTK farm Base for precise, accurate (2.5cm), easy data recording. Also, both i73 & i83 have integrated "tilt-compensation" IMU - which means the survey pole can be at a tilt - no more wasting time "staring at the pole level bubble"!  Geo Apsis will Train and Support you to map your own farm. Or get Geo Apsis to economically map your farm. Now that is Democracy!!