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CHCNAV GNSS products


CHCNAV solutions

A range of GNSS positioning solutions

Democratising GNSS for Everyone!

The CHCNAV GNSS products provide GNSS satellite positioning solutions for everyone. Great value, accurate and simple GNSS data collection tool available for Survey, Construction, GIS, Drone Mapping and Agriculture tractor auto-steer control.

Geo Apsis will help you configure the most appropriate GNSS Base and/or GNSS RTK Rover for your requirements. Temporary base, permanent base, long range, tilt-pole IMU rover of the New i83.

We give you: Knowledge, Options, Value $.

Geo Apsis: "Democratising Geospatial & Precision Agriculture"

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Geo Apsis is a Strategic Partner and authourised Reseller/Distributor/Support for PhaseOne - the premier geospatial cameras & Lenses
PhaseOne camera high detail inspection


Inspections with Highest Detail

Powerline Insulators safely inspected using PHASEONE from 25m distance, capturing 0.6mm pixel detail - unmatched system performance! From a safe distance. Or Detailed railway mapping. Again, from a safe distance.

PhaseOne camera on P3 gimbal


Integration Solutions

PHASEONE is partnered with Geo Apsis to provide the complete geospatial integration solutions for manned aircraft or drones mapping & inspections systems. The PhaseOne iXM cameras are a compact and lightweight package and perfect for mounting on a drone using the P3 gimbal. Achieve the highest resolution inspection imagery.

Phase One aerial camera Pas 280 mk2


Pas 280 mk2

Large area performance, affordable and accessible, for use with a wider range of aircraft. With over 20,000 pixels across, compact size, and weight, the 280MP Aerial System provides higher return on investment compared to any other large format system available on the market.

The aerial system is comprised of our iX Controller MK5 with GNSS-inertial; an IMU unit; a Somag gyro-stabilized mount (DSM 400) and the Phase One flight planning and management software (iX Plan and iX Flight, as well as iX Capture).

Also available as a 4-band configuration for large area Precision Farming applications.

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Aerial, Surveying and Geospatial Consultancy & Services

Leveraging upon our huge experience, professional learnings and international teams, Geo Apsis provides Aerial Surveying, Engineering & Land Surveying, Geospatial Consultancy and Geospatial Services.

Global Services

National and International

Consultancy and Services

Major Projects: Google Earth cities AUS: Dubai Palm UAE: River Nile mapping Sudan: River Murray mapping AUS: Digital Cities China: Manila Philippines:

Limon point cloud software

limon software

Powerful yet easy-to-use LiDAR data viewer and editor. Excellent for manned Aerial and Drone LiDAR data.

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