camera ai analytics - restaurant

Case Study 1

Roma Cucina is an A-La-Carte restaurant specialising in fine dining of Italian foods.

The restaurant building comprises of a large kitchen, a separate food preparation room, a storage room with shelves and fridges & freezers. The dining areas are subdivided into a large area with semi-height open grilled partition to segregate the room into two zones. There is also a separate private dining room. The restaurant has total seating for 100 customers.

The restaurant is owned by Giuseppe, but the daily general management is divided between his two nephews, who share managing the lunch trading and dinner trading via rotational shifts. Giuseppe was having trouble “letting go” and was constantly at the restaurant himself as well.

Giuseppe wanted to relax more and even holiday back to Italy. But he did not have complete trust in his nephews to keep the high standards for the restaurant that he had grown – along with the clientele.

I wasn't getting any younger and I wanted to enjoy more time with my wife, enjoy life and even travel. But I was always worried about how the business would run with my presence.

GeoApsis was first approached by the nephews. They both understood their uncle’s reluctant to accept full trust of their management and wanted to suggest to uncle a modern solution with business benefits.

After studying the restaurant floorplan, key kitchen requirements and customer satisfaction goals, the following GeoApsis solution was presented, agreed and implemented:

· Kitchen: 2 hybrid cloud smart cameras strategically mounted

· Food prep room: 2 hybrid cloud smart cameras strategically mounted

· Storage room: 1 hybrid cloud smart camera

· Sensor mounted in private dining room and in kitchen

· Dining areas: 1 hybrid cloud smart camera per dining area (3 areas)

  • Rear door Access Control – Cloud based

    camera ai analytics - restaurant

    Case Study 1 - (cont.)

    In consultation with Giuseppe and his two nephews, GeoApsis implemented several automated smart AI analytics of SOP’s for monitoring, these being:
    1. Food hygiene checklist

    2. Hair net worn in food prep and kitchen

    3. Customer engagement checklist

    4. Customer count vs food meal orders vs Billing checklist

    5. Cleaning checklist

    6. Waste management checklist

    7. Covid-19 checklist

    GeoApsis then provided some training on the App use and the analytics data. Not only the nephews, but even Giuseppe commented on the ease of use of the App interface.

    I received the automated analytics on my phone whilst relaxing in my own home lounge. This is great! It helps me build trust in my nephews and best of all, helps me relax.


    • Staff arrivals and leaving auto logged via Access Control cards matched with video FaceID correlation

    • Waiters and waitresses learnt to politely yet positively engage with customers, lifting overall satisfaction and gradually, table occupancy

    • FaceID was used to auto monitor repeat customer counts

    • Giuseppe could check SOP’s, plus live or historic camera videos, from his home, while watching La Liga football. He was even able to monitor and get chosen alerts when he finally when to Italy for a 2-month holiday!

    • The staff, the nephews and Giuseppe all embraced the technology and quickly recognized that the benefits were there for all.

    • Increased revenue

    • Increased positive social media reviews

    Annex: After a very successful 12 months, the nephews opened another larger restaurant in the foothills. GeoApsis provided the system for automated smart analytics of operational processes and monitoring.

    *Note: Technical details are accurate. Real names have been altered to maintain confidentiality.

    Example of Smart AI Camera with RFID

    Case Study 3