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AI-Powered Video Analytics to Supercharge Your Cameras

AI-driven video analytics with customised SOP Checklists enables you to autonomously monitor process compliance optimally. Use the power of AI video analytics in Retail; Food Services; Construction & Manufacturing; Health Care; Hospitality; Drive-thrus & QSR.

from only $14/camera/month

AI "Smart" Camera Automated Monitoring, Surveillance and Analytics

Information accessed from smart phones or computers anywhere, globally. Security ensured via 2 factor authentication. Selected AI analytics sent to authorised users when required.

AI "Smart" Cameras

The modern "smart" AI camera only captures imagery when necessary (movement, change, pre-set criteria) and hence the wasteless hours of “non-event” footage is superfluous. These modern hybrid smart cameras have backup redundancy via on-board solid-state drives (SSD), plus cloud storage. For efficiency, metadata streams are sent to the cloud storage once every 20 seconds, using minor bandwidth uplink of < 20kbps per camera. Importantly, data security is ensured with End-To-End Encryption

AI Analytics

AI Camera Analytics

Face detection, people count, licence plate auto read, real-time access

AI SOP Analytics

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) analytics automatically generated.