Geo Apsis

"Democratising" Geospatial products & Services 

  • Precision Agriculture

  • Geospatial services and data processing

  • reseller/distributor of geospatial software and products

  •  "smart" camera AI analytics.


GeoApsis is democratising Precision Farming by offering technology solutions which are Integrated, Easy to Implement, yet VERY affordable!


Leveraging upon our huge experience, professional learnings and international teams, Geo Apsis provides Aerial Surveying, Engineering & Land Surveying, Geospatial Products, Consultancy and Services.

camera ai

Automated AI "smart" camera analytics for compliance of regulatory and other Standard Operating Procedures(SOPs) for business


Products & Services


  • Cameras

  • Lenses

  • Integration Solutions

  • Training

  • Support


  • Surveying/Mapping/GIS

  • Data Processing

  • Consultancy

  • RTK GNSS Base station for Farms

Survey your fences, paddocks, water tanks etc

Let Geo Apsis survey your farm fences and map your farm features! At an hourly rate nearly half of general consultants rates! And you are welcome to join, watch and learn just how the CHCNAV advanced technology products make surveying easy and accurate. Once you have seen and learnt - you may readily become confident enough to survey & map yourself! Geo Apsis will Train and Support you to map your own farm. Whenever, wherever it suits you!  

Now that is Democracy!


Automated AI smart camera analytics

Geo Apsis

Our People & Principles

Democratising geospatial Products & Services to Empower you with our industry expertise and applications
Our Team
National & International experienced service providers and data processing
Thomas Tadrowski - Principal
 Products & services professional with 25 years of experience
Salvador Dali
“do not limit your perception of reality:  explore what lies beneath the surface”.
(Painting - the persistence of memory)
Geo Apsis

Our Strategic Partners

Democratising geospatial Products & Services to Empower you with our industry expertise and applications
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Palm-sized GNSS, High ACC, Low Price
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